Policies and procedures




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Learning Policies


This policy has all the documentsrelevant to all curriculum areas and our unique approach to our creative curriculum.



Lark Hall Curriculum Policy 2017.pdf



Teaching and Learning


Find out about the way we learn at Lark Hall in the policies below.



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Assessment And Feedback 


Lark Hall Assessment and Feedback Policy.pdf 


Attendance Policy


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SEND Policy


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SEN Information Report 2017-18.pdf

GDPR Privacy Notice and Charging Policy

GDPR Privacy Notice

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Charging Policy


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Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy


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Equality Policy

Equality Policy


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Equality Policy.pdf

Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy


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Admissions Policy.pdf

Uniform Procedures

Uniform Procedures


UNIFORM for new Academic year 2017-2018

School uniform must be worn every day. All uniform and PE kits are available to buy from the school office.


Correct uniform consists of:


  • Blue, yellow, red or green Lark Hall jumper
  • White polo top
  • Navy blue or black jogging bottoms or shorts
  • Navy blue or black shoes or trainers
  • Lark Hall bag
  • Summer dress/shorts during warmer weather


All other children currently have Lark Hall bags. These must still be brought into school every day.

PE Kit should be brought into school on a Monday and taken home on a Friday to be washed.

Correct PE Kit consists of:

  • A white t-shirt (no sports/football jerseys)
  • Dark coloured trousers or shorts
  • Trainers or plimsolls – plain black or white

Uniform can be bought at the main school office for the following prices and colours:

  • Jumpers £10.00
  • Polo Top £7.50
  • Jogging Bottoms £8.00
  • Lark Hall bag/Book bag £9.00
  • PE Kit £10.00
  • Lark Hall Cap £4.50


Sims Agora: School online payment System

We are pleased to let you know that we have moved to an online payments system.

You can make your payments from your PC or you may use the spare PC in the School Library.

How to access SIMs Agora online payments;

1-Please log in to www.simsagora.co.uk

2 - Have your child’s class name to hand

3-Option – (1. Meals and 2. Uniform)

4-Make your payment.

5-Once you make your payment a reference number will be issued (you need to bring that reference number to Lina Santos to hand you the uniform.

Your child must always be suitably prepared for the correct time of year.  During the winter months children need to have a coat, gloves, hats and scarves.  It is only during extreme wet weather that we keep the children indoors.   During the summer months children should wear Lark Hall school caps. No other caps are allowed. When the weather is really hot, please make sure that sun cream is applied to your children before coming to school.

Uniform Policy

School Lettings Information

Lettings Policy


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Lettings Policy.pdf