Lark Hall Town

About Lark Hall Town

About Lark Hall Town


Lark Hall Primary School is a community which values the voice of our pupils and aims to provide a forum for our pupils to contribute to decision making and day to day running of the school in addition to classroom monitors organised within classrooms.


Head Girl and Boy

Year 6 pupils can apply for the role of Head Girl and Boy at the beginning of the academic year and are asked to give a speech to pupils in Years 3-6 who then have the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidate.


Roles and Responsibilities include:

➢ To uphold the school values at all times

➢ To work with the Head Teacher and Leadership Team to help improve the school

➢ To complete the role for an academic year

➢ To report to and update leadership team

➢ Be a role model to all children in the school

➢ To be able to present information coherently to a group

➢ To listen to pupil voice around the school and report to leadership team

➢ Be able to communicate effectively

➢ To represent the school to outside visitors


PSCD Ambassadors

Pupils in years 3-6 have the opportunity to take on responsibilities across the school in areas such as Playground, Office, Library, CFA, Premises (Green Team) and EYFS.


School Council

Pupils in years 2-6 have the opportunity to represent their peers at the Lark Hall School. Pupils are asked to give a speech to their class who then have the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidate.


Roles and Responsibilities include:

➢ To hold class council sessions and record views of class

➢ To reflect and represent class views at school council meetings

➢ To ensure all counsellors have their say

➢ To feedback to classmates


Reward Trips

Every month children are nominated by school staff to attend ‘reward trips’. These can take place during the school day or after school, and are designed to reward those children who consistently meet the school values and show a commitment to their learning. These trips are extra-curricular and cover a wide range of activities.


House System

All children at Lark Hall are divided into 4 houses; Fenchurch Street, Liverpool Street, Marylebone and Kings Cross.  Children earn house points that can then be spent in the Lark Hall Town Shop.  Children’s House Points are collated on a laminated record sheet in each classroom. Each week house points are be totalled up in each class and the winning house will visit the Lark Hall Town Shop.  Children will keep a running record of their house points in their bank books, which they will take with them when they visit the shop. House Points are also a good way to teach the children real world skills relating to saving money.


Examples of great behaviour: reaching the trophy, great work, moving around school well, being a great role model, star of the day, having successful playtimes, helping each other, visiting the Year Group/Phase Leader

1 house point


Star of the week award: 3 house points


Being sent to Senior Leadership: 5 house points

Lark Hall Town Shop

Lark Hall Town Shop


The Lark Hall Town Shop is open once a week for children in Years 1-6 and the CFA. Children from winning house each week can bring their completed Bank Books to the shop and spend their House Points on a wide range of merchandise. The Lark Hall Town Shop is run by selected children from Key Stage 2.

Friday Clubs

Friday Clubs


Every Friday afternoon children from Year 2-6 take part in clubs for an hour.  All the clubs are led by a member of staff at the school.  There is a wide variety of clubs available for the children to choose such as art, sport, music, languages and outside learning. The clubs run for approximately 10 weeks and after this time children can choose a new club to be part of.   Children from the Centre for Autism are supported by Centre staff during clubs.


Club aims:

➢ To develop the children’s interests in a range of creative activities.

➢ To improve speaking and listening skills.

➢ To develop the children’s confidence and enjoyment which will benefit them in other parts of the curriculum.

➢ To develop the social skills of the children by working with different children and adults.

➢ To allow Gifted and Talented children to develop their skills.

➢ To develop the sense of community in Lark Hall Town.

➢ To allow staff to develop their skills and interests.

➢ To give teachers better insight into children’s extra-curricular skills and interests.

Lark Hall Parent Committee

Lark Hall Parent Committee


The Mission of the Lark Hall Parents Committee (LHPC) is to be a strong voice for the parents of the school, encouraging their input and participation, and facilitating dialogue between them and the school; to be an umbrella that connects the parents’ initiatives and to manage school social events. We will serve as the ears and voice of Lark Hall School parents with the goal of strengthening our school and community, so our school can more joyfully support and enrich the lives of our children and parents.


The members of the LHPC also have a role to play in ensuring all our parents/carers follow the expectations within the school. We are happy to support parents/ carers in any way we can, however, we will also challenge those who do not follow the school expectations.


If you would like to contact the LHPC you can do so by sending an email at the following address: