School Context

School Context


The school consists of the following organisations:


  • Mainstream primary school

  • Centre for Autism Resource Base

  • Lark Hall/Lambeth Autism Outreach Centre

  • Lark Hall Children’s Centre

Main School:

  • Lark Hall is a large two form entry school on the Clapham/Stockwell border, with 420 pupils on roll.

  • There are three teachers across each Year Group, together with an Intervention Co-ordinator, who are highly skilled, typically of graduate calibre, support staff, together with a small number of TA’s

  • The School Development Team consists of a Reception Year Leader, together with two Phase Leaders covering Year 1 & 2, Year 3 & 4, a Year 5 Leader and Year 6 Leader,  Literacy Leaders and a Maths Leader, Personal, Social Character Development Leader as well as Future Thinking Leaders

  • The Senior Leadership Team, consists of Head, Deputy, three Assistant Heads, SENCo and School Business Manager

  • The main school operates a cross-curricular thematic approach to teaching and learning, as well as being part of the Building Learning Power program.

  • Stability is lower than the national average.

  • Deprivation is very high. well above the national average.

  • The proportion of children in receipt of Free School Meals is 35%, well above the national average.

  • The proportion of children in receipt of Free School Meals is particularly high in the current Year 6 at 43% and Reception at 42%. Children in receipt of Free School Meals is lower in Year 5 at 25% and Nursery at 30%

  • The proportion of children from Minority Ethnic Groups (95%) is well above the national average and the percentage of children whose first language is not English is high across the school.It is at its highest (98%) across Year current Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6. It is at the lowest (88%) in Year 1.

  • The proportion of children from White British/Irish background  (5%) is well below the national average 

  • Black African (30%), Portuguese (16%) and Black Caribbean (12%) are the highest Minority Ethnic Groups.

  • 70% of the pupils at Lark Hall speak English as an additional language. The year groups with a particularly high number of children for whom English is an additional language are Year 5 with 81%, Year 6 with 80% and Year 2 at 73%.

  • There are 42 different languages spoken by children at our school.

  • The gender split is 48% of the pupils on roll are girls and 52% of the pupils on roll are boys.

  • Overall SEN within the mainstream school (EHCP & SEN Support) is 21%. 3% EHCP and 18% SEN Support. The number of children in the SEN support category has increased since 2015-16 academic year.

  • The percentage of children with SEN is higher in the current Y6 (27%) and Y2 (24%) where the other years groups have on average 20% SEN pupils.

  • The proportion of pupils with a SEN statement or EHC plan has increased since 2015 and is above the national average.

  • Children with speech, language and communication needs make up the largest SEN group.

  • The school commisions a full time Speech and Language Therapist.

  • There is a higher percentage of high attaining pupils in the current Year 4 and Year 5

  • The school has the majority of vacancies in Reception and Year 1.

Centre for Autism:

The Centre for Autism is a separate provision on Lark Hall premises, situated in an exclusive annex, and consists of 32 children within 4 classes.

All children have statements or EHC plans for autism, which states they all have access to specialist ASD provision.

All of the children are achieving well below age-expected levels due to the difficulties they experience as a result of their autism.

The staff and children are part of the inclusive Lark Hall environment, but the children are taught exclusively within the Centre for Autism and do not access the national curriculum.

The children access the curriculum through the SCERTS curriculum and the Equals schemes of work.

Lambeth Autism Outreach Centre:

It comprises 4 specialist Autistic Outreach Teachers

These specialist teachers work with children and teachers across all Lambeth primary and secondary schools

Lark Hall Children’s Centre:

The Children’s Centre supports all local families with children aged 0 – 5.

It is working in collaboration with Stockwell Primary School Children’s Centre and Jessop Children’s Centre.

The staff consist of a manager and Better Start Worker, together with two EYEs.

Self Evaluation Form

School Development Plan

Ofsted Report

Ofsted Report


What Ofsted Said About Lark Hall Primary:

‘Well established routines, clear expectations of behaviour, and strong relationships underpin a positive atmosphere for learning in each classroom.’

‘The curriculum is memorable and enjoyable.’

‘Pupils have positive attitudes to learning.’

'The school’s values of ‘honesty, respect, equality, caring and enjoyment’ are upheld by the whole school community.'

Ofsted (November 2014)



These are just a few of the fantastic comments from our most recent Ofsted Report where Lark Hall was deemed to be GOOD in all areas.

Please click on the links below to download our recent Ofsted for more information on our school:


Ofsted Nov' 2014


Timings of the Day

Timings of the Day and Assemblies

Main School

The school gates open at 8.15am and children come straight into school. If you arrive early with your child then it is the parent’s responsibility to wait with them until 8:15am.  Children will not be let into the school building before 8:15am.


Children must be in school by 8:30AM



At 8.30am the school gates will close and at 8:35am registration will open.  After 8:45am adults must sign for their children as registration will have closed.  If children arrive at 9:00am or later their attendance will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.




Year 1, 2 and 3


Year 4, 5 and 6

8:15 – 8:45

Soft Start

Early Morning Work

AM REGISTER 8:35 – 8:45

8:15 – 8:45

Soft Start

Early Morning Work

AM REGISTER 8:35 – 8:45

8:15 – 8:45

Soft Start

Early Morning Work

AM REGISTER 8:35 – 8:45

Morning Play is built into the children’s free flow during the morning

10:00 – 10:15

Morning Play


Morning Play

11:45 – 12:15

Lunch in dining hall

11:45 – 12:15


12:15 – 12:45


12:15 – 1:00

Lunchtime Play

12:15 – 12:45

Lunch in dining hall

12:45 – 1:15

Lunch in dining hall

1:00 – 1:15


12:45 – 1:15

Lunchtime Play PM REGISTER

1:15 – 1:45

Lunchtime Play PM REGISTER


Children also receive a fruit and water break during the morning. This is scheduled by teachers in each year group.


The Lark Hall Town Shop is open every Wednesday for all children




All our parents/carers are welcome to join the Friday Celebration assemblies that take place to share in the success and achievements of their children.




Main School



Leadership Assembly

First Floor Hall  11:45 – 12:15

Yrs 1-3

Second Floor Hall  12:15 – 12:45

Yrs 4-6



Music and Singing

Lower School Hall 2:30 – 2:45

+CFA children to join where possible




Lower School Hall 9:30 – 9:45




Main School


Character Focus Assembly (PSCD Leader)

First Floor Hall  11:45 – 12:15

Yrs 1-3

Second Floor Hall  12:15 – 12:45

Yrs 4-6

+CFA children to join




Seasonal Themes and Social Stories

Lower School Hall 9:30 – 9:45



Main School


Music Assembly

First Floor Hall  11:45 – 12:15

Yrs 1 - 3

Second Floor Hall  12:15 – 12:45

Yrs 4-6

+CFA children to join




PSED (Character Focus)

Lower School Hall 9:00 – 9:15



Main School


Religious Festival Assembly  or

Class Assembly

First Floor Hall  11:45 – 12:15

Yrs 1-3

Second Floor Hall  12:15 – 12:45

Yrs 4-6

+CFA children to join




EYFS and Main School

Celebration Assembly

8:45 – 9:15

First Floor Hall


Southwark, London, Putney, Albert, Vauxhall, Westminster

(Reception to join in term 6)

Second Floor Hall


Millennium, Tower, Wandsworth, Battersea, Chelsea, Lambeth

(Reception to join in term 6)



Celebration Assembly

Lower School Hall 9:30 – 9:45


Celebration Assembly

Lower School Hall 2:30 – 2:45

Reception and Nursery






Staff Structure

Staff Structure

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Gary Nichol

Deputy Headteacher: Victoria Bassett

Assistant Headteacher Assessment: Ola Watson - Maternity

Assistant Headteacher Assessment and Literacy Leader: Beccie Powles

Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning: Tom Foster

Assistant Headteacher Curriculum: Jon Powles

SENCO: Ceinwen Adeusi 



EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Nursery Teacher: Amy Moxon

Reception Teacher, EYFS Leader and Future Leader: Rachel Baker


Intervention Coordinator: Esther Olanrewaju,

Teaching Assistant: Ria Hampton


Phase 1

Year 1 Leader and Class Teacher: Claire Fleming

Year 1 Teacher: Sue Alexander

Year 2 Teacher: Jess Savory

Year 2 Leader, Class Teacher and Literacy Leader: Sam Phillips

Year 2 Teacher: Caitlin Sullivan  


Intervention Coordinator: Chrissie McGuire, Karen Bennett

Teaching Assistant: Graca Lourenco


Phase 2

Phase 2 and PSCD Leader: Ross Mears

Year 3 Teacher Daphne Bonanos 

Year 3 Teacher Sam Wofford 

Year 3 Teacher Ayesha Ahmed 


Year 4 Teacher and Future Leader: Jodie Taylor

Year 4 Teacher Elena Evdyriadou

Intervention Coordinator: Koren Fervier

Teaching Assistants: Tracy Ryan,  Precious Thomas


 Phase 3

Year 5 Team Leader and Future Leader: Megan Ritchie

Year 5 Teacher: Erin Clements (Currently on maternity leave)

Year 5 Teacher and UPH Leader: Annie Lock

Year 5 Teacher: Lara Thompson

Year 6 Team Leader and Future Leader: Nicole McAllister

Year 6 Teacher and Maths Leader: Benjamin Powell

Year 6 Teacher and Computing Leader: Amna Ahmed

Intervention Co-ordinator: Denise Deer and Donovan Morris

Teaching Assistant: Natasha McPherson



Inclusion Team

Speech and Language Therapist: Cat Andrew

Learning Mentor and Family Support: Paula Gordon


BUSINESS Team (Admin, Finance, premises)

School Bussiness Manager: Colin Smart

Senior Administration Officer: Lina Santos

Finance Officer: Dips Shah

Administration Officer: Sade Edwards

Administration Officer: Jodie Clarke-Mcdermott

Premises Officer: Oscar Norena

Assistant Premises Officer: Julio Gijson Rivaz

School Catering Team Leader: Tayo

ICT Technician: Peter Gray



Health and Nutrition


A healthy diet improves concentration and learning.

BREAKFAST - please make sure your child arrives at school having had healthy nutritional breakfast including a drink of water.


LUNCH  - we provide children with a healthy balanced lunch meal. Children are offered a choice of 3 main courses. We serve vegetables and a choice of desert including fruit. We do not serve pork. Fresh water is provided. We recommend that your child has a school dinner every day. All Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children are entitled to a free school meal.


For children in Nursery and Key Stage 2, school dinners are charged at £1.80 per day or £9.00 per week. Some families may be eligible for free school meals.

If you decide to make your child a packed lunch, please follow these guidelines:


  • One portion of fruit and one portion of vegetable or salad
  • A starchy food such as bread or pasta, rice, couscous, noodles, potatoes, crackers or breadsticks
  • Meat, fish, lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, hummus, peanut butter or falafel
  • A dairy food like cheese, yoghurt or fromage frais.
  • Drinks: water only please
  • A snack item such as crisps or a biscuit


Not allowed: chocolate bars, chocolate-coated biscuits and sweets


We are a NUT-FREE school.


If a child’s packed lunch is not healthy, your child will be given a school meal and you will be charged for it.


Children who attend the Centre for Autism are offered a high level of support at lunchtimes. Centre teachers will work closely with parents of autistic children to overcome any issues relating to diet and to promote healthy eating.


Please encourage your child to drink plenty of water and eat a healthy balanced diet at home.


Autumn Menu

Please click on the link to download our Autumn Menu 2017









The mainstream school attendance for 2016/17 was 95.2%. Improving this is a priority to bring us in line with or higher than the national average.


Your child must be in school every day.


If they are absent for any reason it is your responsibility to ring the office or send a letter in to explain why they are absent.  If a letter is sent it must be received on the morning of the absence. Absence for medical appointments will only be authorised with an appointment letter. Holidays during term time will not be authorised by the Head Teacher.


When bringing your child to school, you must accompany them to the school gates.  This is to ensure your child arrives safely at school where they can go straight into class.


An unauthorised absence will be recorded when there is no reason given for absence.  Absence due to illness or medical appointments must be reported on the same day as the absence.


At the end of the school day children must be collected on time at 3.00pm. 


Centre for Autism

Children who attend the Centre for Autism must be accompanied to school by an adult and taken to the decking area where they will be met by Centre staff. Children should be supervised in the playground until they are collected by staff.


Children arriving by school transport will be met by Centre staff and escorted safely into school.

Sports Funding

Primary School Sport Premium At Lark Hall Primary School 2017-18



At Lark Hall Primary School we aim to establish a sporting culture that: enables and encourages all children to play and enjoy sport, encourages and promotes healthy lifestyles and celebrates achievement.


We aim to:

1. Improve the quality of the school P.E. programme by:

  • Employing sports specialists to teach pupils and mentor staff

  • Delivering P.E. focused staff training through staff meetings and INSET days

  • Using assessment tools for pupils and staff to identify areas for development

  • Investigating and exploring good practice from other schools to further improve our own P.E. curriculum

  • Enhancing the fitness levels of all children


2. Offer a range of extra-curricular sports club to develop children’s skills and involvement in sport.


3. Enter teams into a wide range of school sport competitions.


4. Foster links between local clubs to provide outlets for children identified as being gifted and talented.


5. Deliver an exciting and memorable sports day.



The Government is providing additional funding of £150 million per annum for each academic year until 2020 to provide new, substantial primary school sport funding in order to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to schools to be spent on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. All state-maintained schools, academies, middle schools, special schools and pupil referral units which have primary aged pupils (as reported in the 2013 school census) will receive the funding. On 17th July 2017 the Department for Education confirmed that the Primary PE & Sport Premium will double from September 2017.

This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision for PE and sport in schools. We will be held accountable for how we have used the additional funding to support pupils progress and participation in PE and school sport. We are required to publish on-line information about how we have used the additional funding, including details about our sporting provision alongside curriculum details. This will ensure that parents/carers and others are made fully aware of the PE and sporting provision at Lark Hall Primary School.



Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil. For the academic year Sept 2017 – July 2018 (based on 420 primary aged pupils) we will receive an amount of £20200.


The Sports Funding Will Be Used To:

  • Employ a qualified sports coach to work alongside teachers in curriculum PE and extend our extra-curricular clubs offer.

  • Invest in the professional development of staff and the subject leader to increase their ability to deliver high-quality P.E. for years to come.

  • Support and engage the least active children through new and additional sporting opportunities during the school day (including buying additional resources for the playground and for SchoolsRun - the whole school initiative to improve children’s fitness).

  • Increase the amount of competitive sport in which all of our children participate, through intra and inter-school fixtures, and the London Youth Games (by funding entry to these competitions, providing medals and refreshments).

  • Ensure children and families are given the opportunity to participate in Health and Wellbeing sessions.

  • Support Lark Hall’s vision to convert part of the playground to astroturf, allowing new sports to be played and enhancing our ability to host fixtures against other schools for years to come.



We will evaluate the impact of the Sports Premium funding as part of our normal self-evaluation and provision mapping arrangements. We will look at how well we use our Sport Premium to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sporting provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.


Measuring the impact of the activities provided with sports premium funding can be achieved in different ways. We will look at progress in PE as well as other areas of development such as self-esteem, confidence and the numbers of pupils involved in sporting activities in and out of school. We will also evaluate the impact of professional development opportunities in improving teaching and learning in PE. By the end of the academic year we will publish statistics showing the participation rates in competitive sporting opportunities.


2016-17 Review:

UPH (Understanding Physical Health) continues to play an incredibly important role within Lark Hall. Children are enthused and excited about PE. They now benefit from improved provision within lessons and after school which has been monitored and improved on based on feedback provided from the subject leader. A wider range of clubs were on offer; children’s fitness improved - particularly in Year 1 and Year 5 who piloted the SchoolsRun programme to track their times running 1km or 1 mile; the least active children were targeted for additional support.

Gymnastics continues to be very popular with the children and there has been both local and national success with several children achieving well above their age range. We feel that we are now at a stage where we can bring the teaching of curriculum gymnastics back ‘in-house’ whilst maintaining the after-school club provision. An increased number of competitions were entered - including School Games - with varying levels of success. This continues to be an area for development; having a clear programme of practice sessions before an event and increasing the amount of intra-school competition so that children are better prepared.

In year 6 over 60% of children represented the school in competitive opportunities, whilst in year 5 the figure was over 50%. Altogether across the phase, more children participated than in previous years. Phase 2 continues to be where participation rates are lower (around 25%) because of fewer events. This is something we are hoping to rectify by making more of our links with local schools including Griffin and Heathbrook to offer friendly fixtures. Participation in KS1 also increased last year, with over 50% of children in both Years 1 and 2 attending external sporting events, well up from the previous year.

Sports Day was a huge success, combining inclusive events so that the whole school were involved, with competitive races so that the most talented athletes had their opportunity to shine. Parents and teachers were also hugely involved in making the day such a success.

Sports Clubs on offer during the year: football, gymnastics, rugby, boxing, handball, netball, tennis, athletics, AFL (Aussie Rules Football), basketball, cricket, yoga, kickboxing and KS1 multi-skills.

Working With Us

Volunteering at Lark Hall


It’s fantastic when parents, carers and members of the community choose to volunteer at Lark Hall. If you are interested in volunteering with us in any part of the school, please come and speak to a member of the leadership team about what you would like to do.


All volunteers will then need to complete a volunteer pack and apply for DBS clearance before starting work with us.


Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers. This funding sees money going directly to all schools to be spent on improving the quality of provision and outcomes for all pupil premium children. All state-maintained schools, academies, middle schools, special schools and pupil referral units which have pupil premium children will receive the funding.


Schools are held accountable for how they have used the additional funding to support pupil premium children’s attainment and progress.  Schools are required to publish on-line information about how they have used the additional funding, including details of impact of such investment. This will ensure that parents/carers and others are made fully aware of the investment in pupil premium children at Lark Hall Primary School.


Our Vision

Lark Hall is committed to narrowing any identified gaps in attainment between pupils. We are totally transparent in how we use the Pupil Premium funding to enable us to tailor provision to meet individual need through the use of validated intervention programmes that can offer sustained and accelerated progress for our pupils.


Please see the Pupil Premium brochure for how Lark Hall invests this additional income and the impact it has on our children.


Pupil Premium Policy Updated Feb 18.doc



The school, which includes 4 large meeting halls, classrooms and extensive playground areas including covered areas and outdoor WCs are available for hire for off-peak periods i.e. from 6pm on term-time weekdays and all weekend and school holiday periods.

Why not hire our facilities for your children's party, staff function, workshop or training event, wedding or any other event?

Please contact our specialist lettings company contact, Jasmin Petch at or 07985-412 083.

Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement


We all agree the success of a child’s education is a direct result of home and school both working together in mutual respect; the teaching staff as the professionals and parents as first educators.


We are a Building Learning Power (BLP) School as we believe passionately in educating children who will be able to adapt to an uncertain future and become a lifelong learner. Our creative topic-based curriculum allows them to become divergent thinkers, skilling them with the tools in order to excel in all they do.


We create a culture in our classrooms that systematically cultivates children’s learning, enabling them to become better learners. This culture also allows them to grow in their confidence, enabling them to face difficulty and uncertainty calmly. Children who are more confident of their own learning ability find learning much more enjoyable and achieve much greater levels.


We take part in the Rights Respecting School project, an initiative run by Unicef to create safe and inspiring places to learn, where children are respected, their talents are nurtured and they are able to thrive.


Underpinning the Lark Hall Curriculum are 4 key Drivers:

Communication, Aspiration, Knowledge of the World Enquiry



• I will develop my learning muscles.
• I will show that I understand my rights and the rights of others.
• I will always work collaboratively with other children in a positive manner.
• I will respect the property of the school, myself and others.
• I will demonstrate the Lark Hall PSCD traits when I’m in class and around school.
• I will always accept the consequence for my actions when I make mistakes.
• I will always follow the expectations of all adults.
• I will always try to manage my emotions to make positive behaviour choices both inside and outside of the classroom.
• I will not bring in prohibited items.




As a parent I agree to do the following:


Readiness for School:
• I will make sure my child attends school each and every day, from 8.15am - 3:00pm
• I will inform the school of my child’s absence before 8.30am
• I will ensure my child has a suitable night’s sleep ready for each school day.
• I will ensure my child eats a healthy breakfast and lunch.• I will ensure my child follows the school uniform policy and has their school bag and home-school diary everyday.


Communication between home and school:

• I will attend all meetings about my child, at the agreed times with the school.
• I will immediately inform the school if my contact details change.
• I will immediately attend the school in the event an emergency.
• I will ensure I read my child’s diary sign it each week.
• I will read all letters sent out by the school and reply when appropriate.
• I will always treat everyone in the school community with respect.


Parents As First Educators:
• I will support the school’s decisions about my child’s behavioural expectations.
• I will check and know that I am responsible for my child’s internet use, TV, gaming and social network use.
• I will ensure my child reads every day and completes all homework.
• I will attempt to take my child on as many cultural visits as possible.
• I will support my child in working towards achieving their academic and social targets.

Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook


Please click on the link below to download our Parent Handbook:


Lark Hall Parents' Handbook 2017/18.pdf

Staff Handbook

Staff Handbook


Please click on the link below to download our Staff Handbook:


Lark Hall Staff Handbook 2017/18.pdf

British Values

At Lark hall Primary School we ensure that through our school values, rules, curriculum and teaching we promote respect for all cultures, faiths and lifestyles. We value the ethnic backgrounds of all our pupils and families and undertake a variety of events and lessons to celebrate and explore these alongside other cultures in our country. Through this approach we teach understanding of, and respect for the differences in our community and the wider world.


We have a duty to prepare our children for life in modern Britain and to keep them safe. In June 2014, the DfE reinforced the need for “all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”

Lark Hall Primary School actively promotes British Values. As defined by the government 2011 Prevent Strategy, these are the values of:

• Democracy

• The rule of law

• Individual Liberty

• Mutual Respect

• Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

At Lark Hall Primary School our values of respect and fairness permeate all areas of school life and are reflected in three key areas:

School Values






 These five values are embedded in our school culture and are upheld by all members of our school community.

 Curriculum Drivers





 These four key principles are the bedrock of our school curriculum and engrained throughout all aspects of our teaching and learning.

Personal Social & Character Development




At Lark Hall Primary School, British Values are reinforced and interpreted regularly and in the following ways:


Pupils have many opportunities for their voices to be heard. We value the voice of our pupils and promote democratic processes such as regular ‘pupil voice’ sessions led by school leaders so that pupils can contribute to the way they learn and through our weekly ‘circle group’ session where pupils contribute to the ways in which the school can demonstrate that it meets the requirements of the articles in the UN convention on the rights of the child. Ideas and events are planned and discussed with a chance for debate, giving opportunities for different points of view. Circle group sessions also provide opportunities for pupils to decide how they can contribute to the local and wider community such as through charitable fund raising activities.

Through our focus on the process of elections led by our Year 6 pupils, pupils across the school experience the opportunity to vote for representatives based on statements of values shared in assemblies and through pupil election campaigns.

Pupils contribute to their own ‘class charters’ which recognise the pupils’ own understanding of the reasoning behind rules.

The School has been recognised by UNICEF for its commitment to promoting and respecting the articles as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Rule of Law

The importance of laws (and rules), whether they be those that govern the class, the school, or the country, are consistently reinforced throughout regular school days and lessons, as well as when dealing with Lark Hall Primary School British Values Statement behaviour and through school assemblies. Pupils are helped to distinguish right from wrong and supported to resolve conflicts when they arise. The behaviour monitoring system allows pupils to have a clear understanding of the process of sanctions and rewards associated with rules. Pupils are taught the value and reasons behind laws, that they govern and protect us, the responsibilities that this involves and the consequences when laws are broken.

Individual Liberty

We support pupils to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence. Within school, pupils are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. Pupils are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms and advised how to exercise these safely, for example through our e-Safety and PSCD lessons. Whether it is through choice of learning challenge or of participation in our numerous extra-curricular clubs and opportunities, pupils are given the freedom to make choices.

Mutual Respect

Respect is one of our core values. Children learn that their behaviours have an effect on their own rights and those of others. Our Behaviour Policy engenders our basic belief in mutual respect. This is integral in school and classroom rules and is reinforced in day to day teaching and assemblies. All staff in school promote and demonstrate respect for others and this value is referenced on a daily basis through the School Reflection which is read by pupils in assembly.

Understanding of and respect for those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

Lark Hall Primary School is situated in an area which is culturally diverse; therefore we place a great emphasis on promoting diversity and celebrating difference with the children. Assemblies are regularly planned to address this issue either directly or through the inclusion of stories and celebrations from a variety of faiths and cultures. Our RE and PSCD teaching reinforces this as do our annual contributions to events such as Black History Month where we recognise that each person’s history is as important as every other person’s. Understanding and respecting those of different faiths and beliefs is promoted in RE as children gain a greater understanding of religious diversity and practices for those religions represented in the UK. Members of different faiths or religions are encouraged to share their knowledge to enhance learning within classes and the school. Within the RE curriculum, all children to visit places of worship that are important to different faiths.