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Personal, Social and Character Development



At Lark Hall, we strongly believe that personal, social character development helps to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active and responsible adults. At the core of our PSCD Curriculum, we have 19 ‘character trait’ targets that we explore and develop through a variety of contexts throughout the year.


Lark Hall’s 19 Core PSCD Targets

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Building Learning Power

Built on scientific research and evidence, Building Learning Power supports children in becoming better learners. It works alongside the curriculum to develop the emotional, cognitive, social and strategic learning muscles that are necessary to enable children to intrinsically become independent, self- motivated, successful learners.


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Zones of Regulation

Zones of Regulation uses a cognitive behaviour approach to support children in being able to regulate their actions. Children are taught how to recognise their own emotional state, read others' facial expressions and body language and recognise a broad range of emotions, perspectives about how others see and react to their behaviour, insight into events that trigger their less regulated states, and when and how to use strategies in order to move between different emotional zones.


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Healthy Living Education

Healthy Living Education supports children in developing a strong and independent identity, to understand and develop healthy relationships with others, to know how to live a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle and to understand and cope with change. It also supports children to develop strategies to identify and manage risks in life, develop long term goals and how to identify, manage and challenge the misuse of power.


Rights Respecting School

Right Respecting School education supports children in developing their understanding that people and other living things have rights and that everyone has responsibilities to protect those rights. Through real-life case studies andprojects linked to global wellbeing, children explore the understanding that there are basic human rights shared by all people and all societies and that children have their own special rights set out in the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

Curriculum Maps

Specialist Provision

Specialist Provision


At Lark Hall we are lucky to have on our staff adults who are highly trained in various different fields including art, music and sport which means our curriculum is incredibly rich and vibrant as teachers and children are constantly learning and sharing new skills. In addition to this, we have a variety of external specialist providers:



Moving Matters: Each class from EYFS to Year 6 has one of their PE sessions delivered by Adam from Moving Matters who specialise in providing high quality physical education to primary school age children. Teachers attend these sessions in order to develop their own skills.

Beaming Stars: Specialist gymnastics sessions are offered as after school clubs on Monday and Tuesday by Beaming Stars in which children from Year 1-6 develop a range of technical skills under expert guidance.

Fulham Football Club: Highly trained coaches deliver an after-school club on a Tuesday to develop children's technical skills as well as tactical awareness.

Boxing Clever: Targeted after school club designed to improve fitness and teach the fundamental skills of boxing and self-control.

Chance to Shine: Over the past few years, we have been lucky enough to enjoy specialist cricket coaching for our children and staff through the Chance to Shine programme. One year group receives a series of 6 lessons to develop their cricketing skills whilst there is an after school club available to all of Key Stage 2.



Portuguese: Ana comes in to work with Portuguese and Brazilian children and families in order to help support their language development.

Springboard: Highly trained volunteers come in from the charity Springboard to support with children’s reading twice a week.



We have close links with the nearby CLC (City Learning Centre) meaning regular trips to learn about new technologies that can be used in school, as well as visits from experts to support with their implementation and the loan of the latest hi-tech equipment.



 At Lark Hall we believe every child should experience a wide range of opportunities to learn about the world around them and the roles people play in both the local community and wider world.


Each half term teachers will plan for at least one trip or visitor for the children both in the main school and Centre for Autism. This may be linked to their topic or be a special event, such as a sports competition. All parents will be asked to make individual contributions for each trip their child goes on.

Children in the EYFS will experience going on a trip or meeting a visitor linked to their learning every 2 terms and will make the most of exploring the local area when out on a trip.


In the home school diary is a permission form for parents to sign to cover local areas trips for the whole year. This will cover trips within the local area that only involve walking and not the use of any public transport. Example of these trips will be to the local library, cinema, sports day, local shops, Lark Hall Park or Clapham Common and the Connected Learning Centre (CLC). This is also the permission for for children in Year 3 who will go swimming each week.


Throughout their time at Lark Hall all children will have the opportunity to visit 6 different places of
worship as part of the curriculum.


Year 1 – Christianity
Year 2 – Islam

Year 3 – Judaism

Year 4 – Hinduism

Year 5 – Sikhism

Year 6 – Buddhism


Residential trips provide the opportunity to experience being away from home and develop independence. Our Year 6 children will experience spending a week at Sayers Croft outdoor activity centre. Centre for autism year 6 pupils also take part but stay for a shorter period.


Each term children can be selected to take part in a special reward trip. Children can be chosen for a number of reasons by any member of staff. Examples of why children are chosen may include:


  • Being a fantastic role model to others and upholding learning values
  • Excellent attendance and punctuality
  • Always being organised such as having correct PE Kit every week
  • Making great progress with their learning
  • Always showing their best effort with their learning

The reward trips vary as to where they take place. We try to build in opportunities to cater for all areas of the curriculum.

After School Clubs

After School Clubs


We offer a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs for your children to take part in. These will be run by a member of staff or an outside professional invited in to share their expertise.  Please see the office or website for an up to date timetable of clubs provision, as it may vary over the course of the year. We will be offering clubs to suit a range of interests for our children such as arts and crafts, sports, music and other areas of the curriculum. A range of after school clubs are offered which are geared to meet the needs of children with Autism. Letters are sent home regularly offering opportunities to sign up for these clubs.


Lark Hall Primary Clubs - Autumn Term 2017



After School Club and Year Group


Year 1-6 Gymnastics (paid club)

Year 4-6 Coding Club Year 4-6

Extreme Sports Club Year 3-6 Sewing Club 

Year 2-6 Book Club 

Year 1-3 Comic Life Club 

Year 1-6 Forest School 


Year 1-6 Gymnastics (paid club) 

Year 1-6 Fulham Football Club (paid club) 

Homework Club 


Year 1-6 Gardening Club

Year 4-6 Sports Club


Year 4-6 Yoga & Mindfulness Club

Year 1-3 Yoga & Mindfulness Club

Year 4-6 Art Club

Year 1-3 Sports Club



Lark Hall Friday Clubs - Autumn Term 2017


Every Friday afternoon children from Year 2-6 take part in clubs for an hour.  All the clubs are led by a member of staff at the school.  There is a wide variety of clubs available for the children to choose such as art, sport, music, languages and outside learning. The clubs run for approximately 10 weeks and after this time children can choose a new club to be part of. Children from the Centre for Autism are supported by Centre staff during clubs.

Each term one Phase will do Forest School and Music instead of Friday clubs.



Club Name




Film Club




Colouring Club


Art Club/Painting and Collage Club


Singing Club




Magazine Club


Ball Games


Y5 and 6 Football


Year 1 Helpers


EYFS Helpers




Forest School (Year 2)


Board Games


Club aims:

  • To develop the children’s interests in a range of creative activities.

  • To improve speaking and listening skills.

  • To develop the children’s confidence and enjoyment which will benefit them in other parts of the curriculum.

  • To develop the social skills of the children by working with different children and adults.

  • To allow Gifted and Talented children to develop their skills.

  • To develop the sense of community in Lark Hall Town.

  • To allow staff to develop their skills and interests.

  • To give teachers better insight into children’s extra-curricular skills and interests.

External Partnerships

External Partnerships


We are very lucky to work with many external partnerships in our school that have such a positive impact on the learning that takes place in the classrooms. These include: