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Personal, Social and Character Development


At the heart of the Lark Hall Curriculum is the recognition that every child is an individual with unique strengths and needs. We understand that for many pupils, their success as a learner is directly linked to the development of their emotional intelligence and core character traits. As a result, we are committed to providing opportunities throughout all areas of learning which promote and support the development of the key character traits that will help them to become successful, life-long learners.

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Specialist Provision

Specialist Provision


At Lark Hall we have a variety of specialist providers:


Understanding Physical Health

Moving Matters: All class PE sessions are delivered by Moving Matters who specialise in providing high quality physical education to primary school age children. Teachers attend these sessions in order to develop their own skills.

Beaming Stars: All children from Years 1 - 6 have specialist gymnastics sessions with Natasha where they develop a range of technical skills under her expert guidance. Teachers attend these sessions in order to develop their own skills.

Boxing Clever: After school club designed to improve fitness and teach the fundamental skills of boxing and self-control.



Bang Drum: We have Marcina who runs bespoke music sessions with our children. In term 1 and 2 she will be working with Years 5 and 6, terms 3 and 4 with Years 3 and 4 and at the end of the year with Years 1 and 2. Marcina will also be running an after school club and supporting teachers with their own understanding of effective methods of engaging children in musical workshops.



Portuguese: Ana will be coming in to work with Portuguese and Brazilian children and families in order to help support their language development.

Springboard: Highly trained volunteers come in from the charity Springboard to support with children’s reading twice a week.




At Lark Hall we believe every child should experience a wide range of opportunities to learn about the world around them and the roles people play in both the local community and wider world.  Each half term teachers will plan for at least one trip or visitor for the children both in the main school and Centre for Autism. This may be linked to their topic or be a special event, such as a sports competition.


Children in the EYFS will experience going on a trip or meeting a visitor linked to their learning every 2 terms and will make the most of exploring the local area when out on a trip.


Residential Trips

Residential trips provide the opportunity to experience being away from home and develop independence. The trips we provide ensure all our Phase 3 children have the chance to learn over a sustained period outside of London.


Reward Trips

Each month children can be selected to take part in a special reward trip.  Children can be chosen for a number of reasons by any member of staff.  Examples of why children are chosen may include:

➢ Being a fantastic role model to others and upholding learning values

➢ Excellent attendance and punctuality

➢ Always being organised such as having correct PE Kit every week

➢ Making great progress with their learning

➢ Always showing their best effort with their learning


The reward trips vary as to where they take place.  We try to build in opportunities to cater for all areas of the curriculum.  During the year 2014-15 examples of reward trips included an overnight stay at the science museum, learning how to make pizza at Pizza Express, a sports tour of Arsenal Football Stadium and an art day at a local art studio.  We will keep you posted as to what reward trips are taking place throughout the year.


Main School Trips

We also run a few special whole school trips where we take all the children from Y1-6 out to create memorable learning experiences linked to key skills in our curriculum.  Examples of these trips include visiting the theatre, a place of religious worship or even spending the day away from London out in the countryside.



EYFS: Contributions for trips are made for each individual trip.


Year 1-6: we ask for a contribution of £25 for each child in to put towards the cost of providing your children with these extra learning opportunities.  This payment can be made to the school office and can be done in one payment of £25 or in smaller instalments throughout the year. The majority of the cost of all trips is covered by the school.


CFA: Contributions for trips are made for each individual trip. Often the CFA receives extra funding from organisations to support the extra learning opportunities for the children in the Centre.

After School Clubs

After School Clubs


We offer a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs for your children to take part in. These will be run by a member of staff or an outside professional invited in to share their expertise.  Please see the office or website for an up to date timetable of clubs provision, as it may vary over the course of the year. We will be offering clubs to suit a range of interests for our children such as arts and crafts, sports, music and other areas of the curriculum. A range of after school clubs are offered which are geared to meet the needs of children with Autism. Letters are sent home regularly offering opportunities to sign up for these clubs.


Lark Hall Primary Clubs - Autumn Term 2016



After School Club and Year Group


Reception Cooking Club

Reception Music Club

Reception Sports club

Year 1-6 Gymnastics (paid club)

Year 1-3 Sports Club

Year 4-6 Coding Club

Year 1-3 Art Club

Year 5&6 Book Club

Year 4-6 Tennis club


Year 1-6 Gymnastics (paid club)

Year 3&4 Finger Ninjas (Fine motor skills)

Year 4-6 Running Club

Year 1-6 Cooking Club


Year 1-6 Gardening Club

Year 4-6 Sports Club

Year 3-6 Music Club


Year 3&4 Book Club

Year 5&6 Extreme Sports Club

Year 1-3 Football Club



Lark Hall Friday Clubs - Autumn Term 2016


Every Friday afternoon children from Year 2-6 take part in clubs for an hour.  All the clubs are led by a member of staff at the school.  There is a wide variety of clubs available for the children to choose such as art, sport, music, languages and outside learning. The clubs run for approximately 10 weeks and after this time children can choose a new club to be part of. Children from the Centre for Autism are supported by Centre staff during clubs.



Club Name




Film Club




Colouring Club


Art Club/Painting and Collage Club


Singing Club




Magazine Club


Ball Games


Y5 and 6 Football


Year 1 Helpers


EYFS Helpers




Forest School (Year 2)


Board Games


Club aims:

  • To develop the children’s interests in a range of creative activities.

  • To improve speaking and listening skills.

  • To develop the children’s confidence and enjoyment which will benefit them in other parts of the curriculum.

  • To develop the social skills of the children by working with different children and adults.

  • To allow Gifted and Talented children to develop their skills.

  • To develop the sense of community in Lark Hall Town.

  • To allow staff to develop their skills and interests.

  • To give teachers better insight into children’s extra-curricular skills and interests.

External Partnerships

External Partnerships


We are very lucky to work with many external partnerships in our school that have such a positive impact on the learning that takes place in the classrooms. These include: