Welcome to Lark Hall Primary School

2017 saw fantastic KS2 SATs results


87% of Mainstream Children achieved Age Related Expected

Levels of Reading, Writing and Maths*

 Schools in Lambeth 70%

Schools Nationally 61% 

Reading Progress 2.3  -  Above Average (Top 18% of Schools)


Writing Progress 4.2 - Well Above Average (Top 10% of Schools)


Maths Progress 2.8 - Above Average (Top 18% of Schools)


*This result of 87% differs from DFE and external publications results because our published results of 76% include children from the specialist Autistic Unit (Lark Hall Centre for Autism) who do not follow the National Curriculum nor sit KS2 SATs. By removing the children we can have clear comparison with all Mainstream Schools.

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Lark Hall are look ing to hear how we are doing from ALL parents and carers.


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