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Message from the Headteacher

Welcome to the new Lark Hall Website; we hope you find it interesting and informative. There are some elements that are still under construction so please bear with us while we sort those out. In the meantime, if you would like to let us know any comments or questions you may have, then please email me on

Mission Statement to the Children

All of your talents will be nurtured, all of your ‘best efforts’ will be rewarded and all of your successes will be celebrated. We will create a special place for you, where you can have a love of life, where learning is irresistible, fun and full of exciting ideas to explore. Everyone will have high expectations of you and your achievements.

It will be safe and caring where you will be encouraged to go the extra mile and where we will support you if you find things difficult. In our community you will passionately welcome life’s challenges and positively seize these moments as opportunities to improve and grow. We will give you the confidence to believe in yourself, in your own ambitions and in a better future for everyone.

Belonging to our family you will learn to embrace your ever changing world, free your imagination and be inspired to achieve excellence in all that you do.

That is our commitment to you.

Our Values

School Values


These five values are embedded in our school culture and are upheld by all members of our school community.

Curriculum Drivers


These four key principles are the bedrock of our school curriculum and engrained throughout all aspects of our teaching and learning.

Personal Social Character Development


We believe character development to be of the utmost importance in ensuring our children grown up to be well rounded individuals who leave us ready for the next stage in their lives.



These are the key areas used in the Centre for Autism which we address in order to ensure pupils with autism are able to be successful..

Lark Hall Primary School

Smedley Street, Clapham
London SW4 6PH

T 020 7622 3820

F 020 7627 8854


Our Term Dates

Term 1

Thursday 3 September to Friday 23 October

Half Term Holiday

Monday 26 to Friday 30 October

Term 2

Monday 2 November to Friday 18 December

Christmas Holiday

Monday 21 December to Friday 1 January

Term 3

Tuesday 5 January to Friday 12 February

Half Term Holiday

Monday 15 February to Friday 19 February

Term 4

Monday 22 February to Thursday 24 March

Easter Holiday

Friday 25 March to Friday 8 April

Term 5

Tuesday 12 April to Friday 27 May

Half Term Holiday

Monday 30 May to Friday 3 June

Term 6

Monday 6 June to Wednesday 20 July

Inset Days

•  Tuesday 1 September

•  Wednesday 2 September

•  Monday 4 January

•  Monday 11 April

•  Monday 4 July

Coming soon!

Coming soon!


Lark Hall Primary School

Smedley Street, Clapham, London SW4 6PH  T 020 7622 3820  F 020 7627 8854  E